Surgical Navigation Technology, made accessible

To improve critical surgeries and operating room efficiency, Surgical Navigation Technology and Brainlab provide cutting edge software and hardware to create and enhance patient oriented data.


Brainlab Cranial software is designed for both routine and complex surgical procedures, with intuitive user interfaces and automated workflows. Groundbreaking Elements applications help surgeons make the most of patient data during preoperative planning as well as intraoperatively.


A spine surgeon doesn’t need navigation. Just like you don’t need a GPS to get from A to B. You can use a map or memorize your route before you leave. But a GPS provides so much more than just directions. It tells you which way is the fastest. Which route to take to avoid obstacles. And it lets you know if you’re going to turn onto the wrong street.As a spine surgeon, we know you’ll always arrive at your desired outcome. Spine navigation will help you get there more efficiently.


Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation addresses the need for simple intraoperative visualisation during functional endoscopy sinus surgery (FESS). With advanced setup flexibility and its articulated arm, Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation allows for optimal placement of the tracking unit near the patient’s head with no line of sight issues. Step-by-step animated workflows guide the user through the system setup and procedure.


TraumaCad® Orthopaedic Digital Templating software provides surgeons with digital tools to perform preoperative planning and simulate the expected results prior to surgery. For accurate calibration, Brainlab offers KingMark and VoyantMark calibration devices for hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle X-Rays.

We specialise in cutting edge navigation systems

Similarly, Brainlab also operate within the spheres of Surgical Navigation systems and RadioTherapy. There is naturally a symbiotic relationship between the two companies, and the end result of our association is world class technology combined with a patient focused service ethic, whilst at the same time ensuring accessibility of the technology throughout South Africa.

Affordable rental models

Ensuring cutting edge technology is both accessible and affordable nationally.

On-site technology assistance

No learning curve or system operation required - fully certified clinical assistance provided.

On-site training

Where required, comprehensive and detailed training on all systems and software will be provided on-site.

Medical aid covered equipment*

*Equipment fee covered by private medical aids, plus all disposables NAPPI coded

Our goals for South Africa's surgeons and O.R.s

With an increase of unstructured data from video sources, intraoperative imaging and surgical documentation, managing and targeting the right data in the operating room has become more important than ever. The O.R. of the future is as much about data augmentation and information integration as it is about high-tech medical devices.

Future-Proof Digital O.R. Integration

An operating room is a complex environment. The number of devices in the O.R. solving specific problems is increasing as technology advances. Today’s O.R.s are often crowded with freestanding devices, supporting systems and monitors, all with their own interfaces or hardware to display their data.

Each software having its own interface makes maintaining a clear overview of all data more difficult and takes attention away from the patient. Furthermore, valuable time is lost manually connecting each device. Most O.R.s lack a high-level overview of all available patient information, making O.R.s inefficient, overcrowded, and less safe.

Digital O.R. integration seeks to centralise the relevant information needed for surgery—be it from radiological studies, video sources, hardware or software—onto a single platform: Buzz. Straightforward integration with hospital information systems allows Buzz to gather and send the right data to the hospital archive at the right time.

Documentation that maximises surgical data

Along with the development of advanced technologies to support the O.R. team comes an increase in data volume and detail. This information overload, if not properly managed, can lead to major delays before, during, and after surgery as well as difficulty with operating room documentation. From an IT perspective, uncontrolled patient data can bog down processes and occupy essential storage space in the hospital information system.

One of the top priorities of digital operating rooms is to streamline, simplify and consolidate this influx of data to free up time for not only the surgeon, but the entire surgical and hospital IT team. Brainlab Digital O.R.s work in many configurable ways to ensure smooth data workflows and a modern approach to surgical documentation.

Digital O.R.s have the potential to save the surgical team time and costs through the entire workflow, both inside and outside the operating room.

Consolidated communication

Effective communication is essential both inside and outside of the operating room. Inside the O.R., a high degree of coordination between individuals is necessary to lower risk-adjusted morbidity and avoid adverse events. During surgery, external collaboration can be key to achieving optimal outcomes, however, clinical experts may not always be available to attend. Witnessing surgeries enriches medical students’ education, but an increase in traffic in the O.R. can also mean an increase in risk of infection for the patient.

Brainlab Digital O.R. technology strives to consolidate communication to ensure that the entire team has simultaneous access to the same information in the O.R., but also to make essential information available beyond the O.R. At the touch of a finger on the Buzz user interface, information and video can be streamed and shared to other locations outside the O.R., expanding teaching and expert collaboration opportunities.

Accessible and efficient surgical planning

Surgical planning technology facilitates evaluation of complex anatomy and helps to enhance and speed up disease interpretation. Patient-specific 3D planning is also beneficial when used in the operating room and offered to the surgeon during the intervention as a guide. The use of planning technology in the O.R., however, is often limited by the difficulty in finding a single, fast, easy-to-use software able to work independently from radiology, load PACS patient images, import patient segmentation obtained by another software, render this in 3D, and fuse the information.

Brainlab Digital O.R. goes far beyond simply consolidating O.R. information into one source and being a central interface for PACS, HIS and VNAs. With Digital O.R. integration, Brainlab brings its core expertise to the operating room: software tools for enhancing patient images and enabling surgeons to create surgical plans in seconds.

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Dr. A. Botha
Neurosurgeon (Wilmed Clinic) Klerksdorp

“I utilise SNT and their equipment for the following reasons – they are always punctual, inspire confidence and provide excellent service. Their equipment is easy to use, gives a sense of security and assists greatly with difficult cases”

Dr. M. Zorio
Neurosurgeon, Milpark Clinic, Johannesburg

“Excellent and professional 24 hour support”

Dr. Piet Slabbert
Neurosurgeon, Pretoria East Hospital

“SNT is a company worth its weight in gold. I have been using their expertise since 2000 and consistently found their services to be impeccable & incomparable. When ever there is an emergency, I can count on their expert staff to assist at any hour of the day or night. their staff are always presentable, knowledgeable and on time. This is of critical importance to me and I look forward to working with them for many years to come. ”

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